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Week Watch

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Week Watch

Now you can have the current week number displayed on the watch face of the Apple Watch!

Have the current week number available everywhere! On the watch face of the Apple Watch and in the today view without even unlocking your phone!

Thanks to Watch OS 2, the week number can now be visible directly on watch face of the Apple Watch, as a complication. Also supports the new function "Time travel"!

This app will also install a Widget in the Today view on the iPhone/iPad displaying the current week number.

The Today view can be shown simply by dragging down from the top of the screen.

In the app you can conveniently see the dates for the coming and passed weeks by simply swiping right or left.

If the week number is not shown in the Today view, tap the button "Edit" and you can choose to add this widget.

The Week number is calculated according to the international standard ISO 8601, used in most of the world where week numbers are commonly used.

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