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Weedplates copies Weed based images to your iPhone's Photo Album from where they can be synced with a paired Apple WATCH. The images, or Weedplates as we call them, will appear as backgrounds on your Apple WATCH. Select up to 25 images from a growing collection of 42+ images.

We picked out and licensed, then tweaked and modified the best weed Images from Adobe, Shutterstock and DepositPhotos to get the funnest most smokin' beautiful weed images for Apple Watch and iPhone available. Images include real life plants, cartoon characters, emojis and other weed/cannabis/marijuana related images. There are 24 unique images. Some of the funner images have had the background colors changed to match different colored Apple Watch bands. The total number of images now available is 90+. Just one of these images would cost more than the .99 cents we are asking for the App :)

Swipe Right for the new Weedpaper feature which copies Weed based images, or Weedpapers, to your Photo Album from where they can be used as your iPhone Wallpaper for the Lock and/or Home Screens. 42+ Weedpaper images to choose from.

Detailed help walks you through WATCH and Wallpaper Setup and any possible Access Denied errors.
Charles Lynch