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We set out to ask how we can use new, emerging technology to strengthen the voice of workers. WeClock aims to do just that. It offers a privacy-preserving way to empower workers and unions in their battle for decent work. WeClock gives an indication of the present and changing natu­re of work: the presence or abse­nce of decent or fair work, work­ing conditions, or work/life bala­nce. Built with workers in mi­nd, WeClock empowers change.

WeClock is a tool to assist workers understand their work. However, what happens on WeClock stays on WeClock. WeClock gives you full control over your data. WeClock does not have access to your data, and therefore cannot sell it or give it away.

Health App Integration: Optionally connect with Apple’s Health app to add steps and heartrate data from your iPhone or Apple Watch to your WeClock work day data.
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