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Weav Run

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Weav Run

Weav Run is a music app for runners. Using groundbreaking adaptive music technology, music you love automatically syncs to your footsteps—in real time! Access hundreds of top songs and curated playlists by your favorite artists. Run, jog, sprint, walk—we cover every running pace from 100 - 240 steps/min. The music adapts to your stride!

Enjoy tracks by Lizzo, Cardi B, Sia, Icona Pop, Clean Bandit, Rudimental, Portugal. The Man, Galantis, and many others at 122, 179, or even 220 beats per minute. Weav’s technology carefully remixes every song on the fly so the song always sounds fresh and clean.
Weav Run puts you in control of the music with 2 modes to choose from:

Weav Run keeps the music in sync with your steps while you’re running. The song’s beat lands when your foot hits the ground. If you run faster, the song speeds up... If you slow down, the song instantaneously adapts and plays at a slower BPM.

This mode enables you to set the BPM, and every song you hear will play at that exact tempo. You can also change this at any point during the run. Use this mode to help maintain a steady rhythm while running. It can also be used to help you optimize your cadence. Running at a higher cadence can reduce the risk of injury, increase running efficiency, and boost performance.

[New Feature]
Our new instructor-led dynamic audio workouts combine distance- and time-based intervals, workout-specific pace, distance cues, and other novel personalizations.

You can freely choose the playlist for each workout, and shuffle or skip songs without interfering with the audio instructions. And continue running to music once the trainer’s workout is over.

Speaking of the trainer, we have partnered with Kelly Roberts, certified running coach and founder of Badass Lady Gang in creating the first 5 outdoor workouts. Together, we've created guided runs for runners of all athletic levels that build strength and endurance but most importantly, will help runners actually have more fun running.

Studies show that runners often match their steps with the rhythm of the music. Higher BPM encourages you to take more steps per minute. By matching your footfall to the beat, you can begin optimizing your cadence.

Weav Run also features:

• Keep track of your run streak with our built-in counter
• Measure your steps per minute (cadence) and use Weav Run to optimize your cadence
• Track your run with GPS

• Connect to Strava and share your route, photos, and cadence
• Easily share on social media
• Weav can run simultaneously with other apps like Strava, Nike+ Run Club, MapMyRun,
Runkeeper, Runtastic, and any other run tracker
• Weav Run integrates with the Health app to track and store workouts

• Featured artists: Lizzo, Camilia Cabello, Clean Bandit, Demi Lovato, Icona Pop, Portugal. The Man, Rudimental, Olivia Holt, Clara Mae, Shawn Hook, The Knocks, and more!
• All songs on Weav Run can play between 100 and 240 BPM without losing the integrity of the song. You never have to make another running playlist again.

• Pace your runs with music
• Achieve a steadier running stride
• Improve and fine-tune your running cadence
• Motivate yourself during a run, jog, or walk
• Spice up speedwork, long runs, and everyday runs

Try Weav Run during other activities like:
• Yoga (set a low BPM for a soothing experience)
• Cycling/Spinning
• Skiing
• Gym training
• Rowing
...and many more!

Terms of use:

Weav Run integrates with the Apple Health app to sync your workouts and record heart rate data.
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