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Weather Radar RainViewer

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Weather Radar RainViewer

The RainViewer weather app gives you highly accurate forecasts directly from weather radars. Be prepared for rain, snow, storm, hurricane, or any other severe weather conditions. Monitor the weather radar map and check the forecast - all in one app.

RainViewer gives you access to all the essential tools needed to stay aware of the weather. This includes hyperlocal forecasts, a down-to-the-minute rain chart, weather alerts, a radar map, and widgets.


Watch the animation to see the storm’s intensity and its path in the past, present, and future. This will give you a quick heads-up of what to expect in your area.


Get the most important weather information with hourly and daily forecasts that help you plan your days better. Check the minute-by-minute rain forecast when it starts to rain, so you'll know when the rain stops and avoid getting wet.


Learn how weather factors like UV, AQI, humidity, and pressure impact your well-being. Use sunrise and sunset times to plan your outdoor activities.


Get notified when the rain starts and ends with our precise Rain Alerts. Additionally, RainViewer provides you with crucial tools for your safety - severe weather alerts to notify you of upcoming critical weather conditions. Set up alerts and stay ahead of the weather.


Small things can make your life easier, like widgets. Set them up to get quick weather updates without even unlocking your phone. Stay informed and be prepared for any weather, right from your lock or home screen.


Quickly check the weather with RainViewer’s Live Activity. It shows a minute-by-minute precipitation forecast, rain intensity, and the time left until the end of the rain.


In today's world, it's essential to stay aware of the weather conditions at our destination. That's where RainViewer comes in. You can easily add multiple favorite locations and monitor the weather anywhere you go.


The storm direction arrows on the map show the exact direction and path of the storm's precipitation. This in-app feature can help you better understand the storm movement and plan accordingly.


We value your privacy. RainViewer doesn't personify or sell user data. With your geolocation, we enhance weather features like real-time location updates, precise forecasts, and alerts.

The RainViewer app is the ultimate weather tool, precise and reliable. But there's more, our in-app features take it to the next level:

• Precipitation arrows on the radar map
• Radar animation forecasts for the next 2 hours
• Extended daily and hourly forecasts
• 48-hour map archives
• Weather tracking in up to 20 locations
• No distracting ads

Premium features are available through an in-app monthly subscription for $4.99 or an annual subscription for $21.49. Subscriptions renew automatically each month or year unless cancelled in your App Store account settings. For more information, please refer to and
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