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Wbirthdays is a standalone and modern birthday calendar for Apple Watch.
Awesome Wbirthdays app shows all birthdays from contacts.

Directly access from the Watch Faces.
Show progress indicator for birthday on the Watch Faces.

Colourful layout with photo list views.
List view 1: shows all birthdays before today.
List view 2: shows all birthdays from today and next, including number of days until birthday.

Switch between the list views: touch watch face 2 times.
Add or modify contacts from the contacts app, the Wbirthdays views are updated automatically.
Switch to the coming birthdays view automatically, after from background.

The intelligent algorithm calculates and updates birthdays dynamically.
Easily to access the information you care the most.

Great design with colourful layout:
Awesome: show number of days until birthday.
White: birthdays from coming weeks.
Purple: birthdays from this week.
Red: today's birthday.
Time countdown: for birthdays within 24 hours.

Support different Watch Faces.
Enjoy the great apps.
Download also the awesome QsCalendar app to manage it.

Xijian Lin