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Waves Instant Action Video

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Waves Instant Action Video

Waves Instant Action Video starts recording when you open the app and saves only the video clips you want to keep.  When you see something you want to keep, just tap the capture button, shaped like a wave. The app saves the last moments of what just happened, and then gets back to recording. Start capturing only the good stuff today!

What is Waves good for? Any action or moment that you want to instantly capture: sports plays, pet tricks, baby’s first steps, get silly at a party, cutting the cake at your wedding, you name it!

How much video can I capture? You can capture as little as 1 second and as much as 30 seconds of video. But don’t feel rushed. Waves is recording for as long as you have the app open.

Can’t decide how much video to capture? We made it easy! You can customize 3 Wave buttons anyway you like. To make it simple, the default settings are 5, 10, and 15 seconds. You can keep those increments or change them as you see fit.

What happens after you capture a Wave? Save your Wave anywhere you like: your phone, Facebook, or a variety of other social media sites.

Want to combine several Waves together? Wavesets allow you to add your Waves together. Just keep adding Waves to your Waveset cue until you are ready to POST. Waves will stitch all your short Waves together into one long Waveset.

Lots happening? Zap mode allows you to save your Waves instantly. Simply turn on Zap and tap the Wave button. Like lightning your video saves to the camera roll or your Waveset and Waves is back to recording – so you can capture the next moment!

Need to shutdown in the middle of a Waveset? No worries. Wavezap will hold your Waves in the cue until the next time you open the app.

Catch “only the good stuff” with Waves!
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