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Introducing Watertapp - Your Humble Hydration Companion for Apple Watch

Discover Watertapp, a simple water intake tracker thoughtfully designed exclusively for your Apple Watch.

Gentle Hydration Tracking
Watertapp provides gentle guidance throughout the day to help you stay hydrated. With its unobtrusive approach, you can easily monitor your water intake without any interruptions or constant reminders.

Set Your Goals
Everyone's hydration needs are unique. Set your daily water consumption goals and choose your preferred glass size, allowing Watertapp to support you in achieving your personal hydration milestones.

Monitor Your Progress
Stay on top of your day's water intake with glanceable graphs and summaries. Watertapp lets you see your progress without any fuss, making it easy to track your hydration journey.

HealthKit Integration
Integrated with HealthKit to ensure your hydration efforts contribute to your overall health goals.

A Simple, Heartfelt User Experience
Experience the joy of simplicity with Watertapp's modest and heartfelt interface. We believe in making the tracking process effortless and pleasant, so you can concentrate on the important things in life - like staying hydrated and feeling great.

We're humbled to offer Watertapp, a companion that quietly stands by your side, supporting your hydration goals without any need for constant reminders. Start your humble hydration journey today and feel the positive impact of small, consistent steps towards a healthier you.

Download Watertapp now and embrace a well-hydrated life.
Stephen Wojcik