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Waterly — your simple water intake tracker.

Waterly helps you to track your water intake just in a few steps.
Staying hydrated improves your welfare, keeps your memory sharp, your mood stable, balances your blood pressure and makes your skin naturally glow.
Waterly optimizes your daily rate according to your weight, activity level and other special conditions in order to make sure you drink enough water.

Our features:

- built-in water requirement calculator;
- customizable cups;
- oz and mL units;
- clear and intuitive interface;
- customizable reminders;
- statistics in graphs to track your daily, weekly and monthly progress;
- personal approach in setting your daily goals.

Being hydrated is easier now.

Note: Waterly does not give medical advice. Daily water intake rate is an estimate based on your weight and activity level. Please consult your doctor or other qualified healthcare specialist before using Waterly.