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Waterful® Drink water tracker

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Waterful® Drink water tracker

Waterful tracks your daily water intake and reminds you when it's time to drink. This daily water reminder helps you develop healthy habits via drinking alarms and many other useful features. All for completely free!

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Developing your healthy hydration habit will be easier than ever before with our free water app.

Drink more water and:
- Stick to your diet
- Detox your body
- Clear up your skin
- Fill up on much-needed minerals and lower stress
- Avoid bladder infections
- Boost energy
- Prevent kidney stones
- Increases brain power

A better water drinking habit means a better, healthier life! This water drinking app is everything you need to stay healthy.

1. Calculate your daily goal considering the activity, weather, pregnancy, or breastfeeding.
2. Get regular reminders or choose your preferred time for notifications
3. Choose from a base of default drinks or create a custom one
4. Take challenges and collect badges
5. Use widgets to add drinks even quicker.

If you see anything we can improve in our water drinking reminder, please let us know! New reviews and support emails are really helpful for making this free water app better and smarter! Contact us at [email protected] :)

NOTE: Your suggested daily goal is a rough estimate based on your gender, body type, and additional factors and should not be used for medical purposes. To obtain your specific hydration needs, please consult your physician.


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