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Water Tracker & Water Reminder

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Water Tracker & Water Reminder


It only takes a 10% loss of body water through dehydration to be life threatening, and studies show that with just 1-3% loss of body water, brain function is impaired.

With enough water, the body can:

Regulate your temperature;
Digest and process food;
Absorb nutrients and carry them to cells;
Pass waste;
Maintain the health and integrity of every cell;
Moisten mucous membranes, such as those of the lungs and mouth;
Reduce the risk of a urinary tract infection;
Lubricate and cushion joints;
Moisturise the skin for a healthy appearance;
Carry oxygen to cells; and
Protect the eyes, spinal cord, and amniotic sac in pregnancy.

What are the effects of not enough water?

When you drink an inadequate amount of water, the symptoms of acute dehydration can quickly kick in. These symptoms include:

Dry mouth;
Decreased urine output;
Dry skin;
Dizziness; and
Difficulty concentrating.

If you continue to avoid water, you risk severe dehydration, with symptoms including:

Extreme thirst;
Very dry mouth, skin, and mucous membranes;
Reduced urine that’s often dark in colour;
Sunken eyes;
Low blood pressure;
Rapid heartbeat/breathing;
Delirium; and

So how much water should you be drinking?

The amount of water you need to drink varies depending on your body size, metabolism, diet, activities and the weather.

This app helps you to determine the required amount of water during the activities considering not only body size but also urine color, amount you sweat, activity type, activity intensity , activity duration, weather and temperature.

This app can save your data in Health App so you can log your water drinking records!

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