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Water smart

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Water smart

The app helps to track the daily water intake goal in beverages and foods.
Optimal water consumption normalizes and improves a variety functions in the body. It's an open secret that your health and beauty depend on the amount of fluid in your body.

The app features:
- calculates your daily goal
- tracks the water consumption as plain drinking water, as beverages, and in food
- sends you convenient reminders
- lets you review all your historical data and correct them
- shows diagrams and statistics
- exchanges data with Health app
- exports data to csv format

The water requirement is the amount necessary to balance the insensible losses and prevents adverse effects of insufficient water, and maintain a tolerable solute load for the kidneys. Optimal water consumption depends on altitude, heat, humidity, activity level, clothing, and other factors. So the calculated goal should be understood to be indicative.
Victoria Zimina