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Water is essential to our life. 2/3 of human tissue is made up of water, only with sufficient water can the blood and lymph circulate smoothly, the human body can effectively absorb the nutrients in the food,and eliminate harmful substances to the human body. However, not all beverages that contain water are good for the body, and it’s also not that the more water you drink, the better for your body.

If you want to keep healthy, drink enough and right, Install Water Planner! It will help you to calculate the recommended water your body needs based on your weight daily activity, and track your daily fluid intake. Besides, it would converts fluid (such as tea, coffee, etc.) ingested by the body into actual water intake according to the intake amount and water factor.

Key Features:
- Calculate how much water you should drink per day based on your weight and activity. Also supports customize manually.
- Diverse nearly 30 kinds of different drinks.
- Convert the drink amount to actual intake automatically.
- Supports multiple container type.
- Customize the amount of each drink.
- Show the amount of Already Drink & Goal.
- Tracks the daily drinks, including drink type, amount and date time.
- Chart to show you the drink time and daily intake.
- Supports printing the water logs and sharing it to your doctors or friends.
- Supports exporting data in CSV and HTML format.
- Provides the best water schedule notifications, also supports customize the schedule.
- Supports fl.OZ and ml. units.
- Supports Dropbox (Backup & Restore) to share the data between multiple devices.
- Supports iCloud (Backup & Restore) to share the data between multiple devices.
- Supports 3D Touch function.
- Integration with Apple Health.
⁃ Supports Apple Watch version.
⁃ Supports Today Widget.
⁃ Supports universal version.

If you feel Water Planner is useful, share it with your friends and family. Above all, we are excited and hope to receive your feedback or ideas for we can complete and develop this app in the next version.

Any feedback please send to [email protected].
Zhengzhou Yeqiang Technology Co., Ltd