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Water Now

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Water Now

Water is the source of life.

In today's fast-paced life and work environment, forgetting to drink water has become an annoyance for most people.

This App provides the easiest way to remind you to drink water in time, track your drinking balance, set goals, display Gap, track caffeine consumption, and urge you to develop healthy drinking habits.

main feature:
-Based on your weight and daily activity, it dynamically estimates the daily drinking goal and intelligently reminds you.
-Track the daily water intake and the total amount of caffeine obtained.
-Simple and intuitive summary analysis of historical data, allowing you to better control your own water health
-Intuitive home screen widgets to quickly understand the status.

This App will read some of your health data (activity energy, weight, etc.) through HealthKit to estimate your daily drinking goal, and will synchronize your drinking water and caffeine to the "Health" app.
Wang Fan