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Water Meter

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Water Meter

Do you drink enough water? Do you always forget to drink water regularly? Do you wish to have a fit body? This App reminds you to drink water every day and tracks your water drinking habits.
You only need to enter your current weight and the app will help you to determine how many water your fit body need everyday. When you have finished drinking a cup of water, you will need to add a cup in the app.

Benefits of drinking right amount of water:
* You stay in shape and keep fit, as it’s calorie free
* You can clear up your skin
* You keep your skin and nails healthy

Features in the app:
* The app reminds you to drink water when your body needs it.
* Easy to use. Single size of glass sto remove hassle of selecting glass size each time
* You can set your wake time and sleep time so that app doesn't not disturb you with notification when you are sleeping.
* See your water drinking habits in a graph form.
* The app maintain the records date wise so you can always track history.
* The app is designed in a manner that it motivates you to stay healthy, keep fit and drink enough water!

Water Meter is a very safe software, please contact us if you have any security question.

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