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WordWhiz is an immensely useful application for all lovers of words! It will prove invaluable for any Scramble, Boggle, or Words With Friends enthusiast.

WordWhiz allows you to Unscramble letters, look up words from a Prefix, or Validate if a word exists. It also contains some helpful word Lists, such as 2 and 3 letter words and words with a Q but no U. WordWhiz uses TWL06 as its source of words.

Unscrambling is a great feature! Just give WordWhiz a set of letters, and it will instantly tell you all the words that can be made from combinations of those letters! Use it to practice your scramble skills, solve newspaper scrambles, or figure out anagrams for words you know. Since its so fast, you might even (wink wink) use it while playing a word game to get an upper hand.

Looking up all words that start with a prefix is incredibly useful. With this feature, WordWhiz will list all words that start with certain given letters. It can help you come up with word extensions for scramble boards. It can help you discover words on a Boggle board, by trying out combos and seeing what works. In fact, many users enjoy this feature just to experiment and discover new words!

Validating a word is valid is essential. WordWhiz allows you to settle if a word is valid or not, in a simple interface that simply turns the word green if its correct. This powerful feature is great for settling disputes on if a word is valid, but doesn't give away additional information like the Unscrambler and Prefix features do. Use it during competitive play to look up words.

The additional word lists are an indispensable reference. The two and three letter words are essential for the serious wordsmith. Use WordWhiz in your spare time to memorize these lists, or use them during a game to enhance your play. The Q without U list will get you out of sticky word situations, and should also be committed to memory.

Use WordWhiz and you will truly become a word whiz yourself! Have fun!
Steve Ames