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WatchPass 2

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WatchPass 2

WatchPass 2 is an offline password manager made specifically for Apple Watch. It is simple and secure so that your passwords never leave your watch. The iOS app is optional and it is used to scan passwords from pictures with an offline OCR. Scanned passwords can be sent to your watch app with one tap.


• MADE FOR WATCH: It is one of the fewest password managers that is made specially for watch and can run without an iOS app. You can create, edit and save everything from your watch without the need of your phone. The complication will make it accessible as soon as the watch is unlocked.

• INTERNAL FILE STORAGE: All data is stored locally on your device and it never leaves your phone and your watch. The communication between phone and watch works with bluetooth and both apps need to be open for the password to be sent. There is no server side and no third party to trust.

• FREE TO TEST: Unlike other password managers, there are no monthly payments to make after downloading the app. However, there is an upgrade to a premium version where the user can store unlimited passwords on their device.

• NO ADS: The app has no advertising even in the free version.

• Many more cool features coming soon.

For any suggestions, feedback, or questions contact me at any time.
Riccardo Giacalone