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WatchNote To-Do-List for Apple Watch

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WatchNote To-Do-List for Apple Watch

Designed for your new Apple watch. WatchNote makes full use of your Apple Watch.
Beautiful notepad app, your note To-Do-List is on your wrist Watch!

WatchNote is specifically designed for the Apple Watch.
Simple and easy to add notes and information for your Apple Watch.
Easy voice input from Apple Watch.

How many times did you need to take out your iPhone from your pocket only to check a simple note? This will never be a problem again with WatchNote.

* Easy to add notes to your watch
* Multiple notes can be added and organized easily
* Special designed for the Apple Watch
* Voice input from Apple Watch
* Delete note from Apple Watch.

How to use:
1. Create note or to-do-list in your iPhone.
2. Open your watch app and your note or to-do-list is shown on Watch.
3. No need to open the app in your iPhone, but you need to open iPhone app to enter or update the note.