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WatchList Pro. Grocery Shopping list on your Watch

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WatchList Pro. Grocery Shopping list on your Watch

WatchList is the grocery shopping list with full Apple Watch support! With WatchList and the Apple Watch, you don't need to hold your iPhone to check your shopping list. Simply lift your arm to check your shopping list on the Apple Watch, and strike off the items you have bought!

- Create your shopping list on your iPhone. You can create and store multiple shopping lists!
- View and check off shopping list items on your Apple Watch
- Access your shopping list from your Watch Face with Glances
- Force Touch to change your shopping list directly on your Watch!
- Pick the shopping list items from an extensive database of grocery items, or create your own items.
- Show the number of items to be purchased as a Icon Badge (please provide the app permissions to set the Icon Badge)!
- WatchList remembers the purchase sequence of your shopping list, and automatically puts the items in that order the next time you use the list. Ideal for optimizing your walking route through the supermarket!

WatchList makes grocery shopping cool and fast!
Oscar Coletto