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This product is based on brand new artificial intelligence (AI) calculation,
and it has to record and learn from a number of your good swings to
provide individually reliable results.

The number of swings needed to build your database differs between golfers, however in most cases, less than 200 swings should give you a good start.

#1 See your Swing speed in real time
#2 See your Tempo on every stroke in real time
#3 See your Carry and Distance on every stroke in real time
#4 Get your Average carry for every club in the bag (minimum 20 shots per club)

Target Practice Mode: Choose your club and choose the desired distance you would like to hit and your watch will vibrate in the backswing when you reach the power you need for that shot. **Works on your short game irons.**

Practice Mode: Analyze your practice and learn your lengths for each club in your bag.

Challenge mode in the app means users can make challenges in Longest Drive or Closest to the Pin competitions. New functionality!
The user can add friends to the list. Challenges can be public or private and also race for the Leaderboard.

Start a Free 7-Day Trial, No Credit Card Required.

We use the HealthKit API to start your golf training on the watch. We do not use and do not collect any information about your health.

Analyze, measure and compete with other players.
Learn your swing speed, tempo and carry.
Challenge your friends.
Become #1 on Leaderboard
Watchit AB