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Do you want your own information on your Apple Watch's complication? WatchForIt reads information from a website, filters it and send it to your Apple Watch. You can decide from which website exactly what information is sent to you. So you can read your website and show information as complication from there. If you just wan't a little string to be shown, you can use the example where I set up a website which mirrors your input and so this will be shown on the watch as complication. Filtering is done with regex (Regular Expressions), which is very mighty, so nearly every use case should be possible to realized.

The app includes a lot of demos, which will help you to build your own complication.

What is is? Why did I do it?

I used the App Numerous to show my home measured outside temperature on the iPhone and on the Apple Watch's complications. Therefore my raspberry pi sent the data to the Numerous server, and they did all the work. As you might know the app Numerous is discontinued. I didn't find another app which could do the job, so, I decided to write one myself. With this in mind I thought over and built it universal enough to read any website and gather information from there.

One hint for installation: Please be a little be patient while waiting for your information to arrive in the complication at your watch. There are a lot mechanism to save power. Have a look at the Help section, how to setup an test.
Johannes Eiseler