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Watcher protect the spaceship!

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Watcher protect the spaceship!

The game is made exclusively for the Apple Watch.

Try to survive and achieve the highest score by controlling your spaceship's turret to shoot down incoming fire from your enemies.

- Use the crown to control your turret with precision
- Touch the screen to fire
- Difficulty level increases over time
- Avoid shooting down green health packs, let them come to you to regenerate your spaceship's health
- Be careful! If your health drops too low your turret will be difficult to control!
- Beautiful explosions, particles and animations with the help of Apple's SpriteKit
- You can collect coins to use for upgrades in the game
- You can enter the store to upgrade your turret's abilities
- You can check your score and rank from the iOS app in your iPad or iPhone through Game Center's leaderboards
- From the graphics through the engine, this game is designed with battery in mind, so relax and enjoy playing on your watch!
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