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Sometimes you need to deliver you message to a person you personally don't know or who even does not have a smartphone. Sometimes you need to deliver your message to a person you know very well - but to do it in a discreet way, without making her or him pulling the smartphone from a bag, in a way which is little noticeable by the others. Sometimes you need to visually "broadcast" your status or even visually send a SOS message. This is when you need the Watch Billboard visual messenger.

Tell your friend secretly that you want to leave a boring event, inform your negotiation partner privately about your decision, identify yourself when meeting an unknown person in a crowed place or simply oder a drink in a noisy club by showing the message with your order on your watch.

All you need do is to configure the messages on you iPhone and these messages are synced with your watch. On the watch you can select which message should be displayed and how it should be displayed. On your watch, just by rotating the digital crown, you can change the display mode (text scrolling or letter by letter), message font size, message font color and message scrolling speed.

To have the messages displayed longer on your watch:
- On your watch set screen wake to 70 seconds in watch Settings-> General-> Wake Screen
- On your phone in My Watch set "On screen wake show last app" to "1 Hour" or "Always" in My Watch-> General-> Wake Screen

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