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This application allows you to enter text messages and display them on the Apple Watch screen tacitly for a third party to view.

It's easy to customize the settings in the app to suit your message's visual presentation, including font, size, color, scrolling speed, and the ability to spell or spell the word.

You can also quickly change messages pre-configured on your iPhone by clicking the Apple Watch button. There are 4 fields for entering words or short sentences.

The Apple Watch screen displays the selected text. Example: "Yes" No" is convenient during negotiations to show your assistant or business partner about your decision in making a decision,
"The bill please" - it is convenient to show the bartender in a noisy place, so as not to shout,
"I'm tired of it here. Let's go."
"I don't like him/her."
"SOS" and so on

If you use the app quite often your friends will expect a your message on your Apple Watch screen which could be helpful in the critical situations.

Try and you and your environment will love this application for its convenience.

Pros: easy to use and quickly customizable interface. The app helps you in situations where it's awkward to say something out loud and you don't want to say anything quietly.

Limitations: the application is limited to only 4 message fields. If you need to change or add a new message, you need to do it through your phone.

To have the messages displayed longer on your watch:
- On your watch set screen wake to 70 seconds in watch Settings-> General-> Wake Screen
- On your phone in My Watch set "On screen wake show last app" to "1 Hour" or "Always" in My Watch-> General-> Wake Screen

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