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Watch Your Weight!

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Watch Your Weight!

The best way to track your weight is to weigh yourself every morning at the same time - just before you step into the shower. You know what you usually don't have on you at this time? Among other things - your phone! No need to worry, or to run out to the other room to get it - just use Watch Your Weight straight from your wrist, and you're good to go!

Trying to lose weight? To gain, or even just maintain? You can't if you're not weighing yourself regularly - Watch Your Weight is the easiest way to do this, even if your phone is in the next room! Just tap, adjust with the Digital Crown, and you're done - nothing else to think about until tomorrow!

Watch Your Weight will help you see your latest weight trends - get the satisfaction of recording the latest drop, or the motivation from needing to record an increase.  See your latest weight trends, to help you keep track, or keep that motivation going throughout the day!

Don't like to measure in Pounds? That's fine, you can use Kilograms, Stones, and even a few others!

Watch Your Weight stores your information in Apple's Health database, so you know your data is safe - the app never sends your data anywhere.
Matthew Corey