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Watch VeraApps

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Watch VeraApps


Watch VeraApps!

You've seen VeraApps on your iPhone. Now VeraSprite's photorealistic multimedia rich mobile experience is on your Apple Watch! Moving from desktop to mobile to wearables, VeraSprite now offers its animated shows for viewing and hearing with the Apple Watch alone or paired with Apple AirPods.

"Watch VeraApps" is a realization of the Dick Tracy meme as Apple's boyhood Tim Cook may have imagined it. Hey, millennials, Dick Tracy was a 1930's comic strip hero created by Chester Gould who used a two way radio with video wrist watch patented by Al Gross.

Besides personal blogs, we have a wide variety of short shows on health, art, food, and even introduction to Twitter (for those uninitiated).

VeraSprite is a software developer specializing in mobile content using proprietary technology that offers natural speaking photo realistic avatars performing in an automated production and digital publication system. Once your talking selfie is created, shows can be loaded into Watch VeraApps and animated by recording your voice.

"Watch VeraApps" integrates with another VeraSprite app on an iPhone found in the app store called "VeraQuiz". We recommend you download this additional app as well.

-For best viewing experience set your Apple Watch to 'Wake for 70 Seconds' (Settings-General-Wake Screen-Wake for 70 Seconds). You can also keep the screen awake during the show playback by touching the watch screen.

-Menu Selection. Scroll through the menu to find topics of interest or shows presented by your favorite VeraSprite talking selfie. Just tap to get a firsthand look at the true stories of real people pursuing their passions in the real world -- people just like you, going about their daily lives who have also developed an uncanny expertise in the types of topics that matter to them most.

-Individual selfies. Check out Emma, Carol, Roberta and others.

-Categories. Recently we've been developing presentations on health related topics, so you can watch Emma describing important health tips, then later you can go back to your iPhone and test your recall with VeraQuiz. Of course, boomers can check out Carol's shows on using Twitter or art lovers can check out Roberta's shows on paintings and photographs

-Collateral options. If you want to create your own shows using your talking selfie, VeraSprite has a training video on YouTube. Check it out and feel free to contact us for assistance.

Feedback is welcomed at [email protected]