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Watch Odyssey

by Shikudo
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Watch Odyssey

by Shikudo
Set Your Sights on Fitness with Watch Odyssey!

Watch Odyssey is an innovative health-centric game exclusively designed for your Apple Watch.

- Harness the Power of Health Data: Your "move, exercise, stand" data transforms into fuel for your space adventure.

- Explore a Thrilling Universe: Travel across a galaxy teeming with 100 unique planets and encounter over 10,000 different life forms.

- Engaging Gameplay: Every step you take and every goal you reach propels your spaceship further into the cosmos.

- Fitness Becomes Fun: Experience the thrill of space exploration while achieving your health goals.

- Exclusive for Apple Watch: Unleash the full potential of your Apple Watch with this one-of-a-kind game.

This isn't just a game; it's a revolution in achieving health and wellness. Embark on your Watch Odyssey today and turn fitness into a thrilling interstellar journey. Every step counts in this cosmic adventure! Strap on your Apple Watch and launch into the fun. Your odyssey awaits!


Watch Odyssey uses HealthKit to read your activity data and goals from your Apple Watch. Make sure to grant all permissions when asked to make it work.