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Watch My Stocks

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Watch My Stocks

Watch My Stocks - a color-coded Apple Watch display of daily gains/losses and values of your stocks and stock portfolios. Use a proxy ETF to track intra-day gains/losses of mutual funds.

Quotes are real time and provided FREE for the first month then available with a low cost, 6 month, non-renewing IAP subscription. If no subscription is purchased then quotes revert to Previous Close after the free one month trial period.

Watch My Stock downloads current stock quotes and displays the value and intra-day gain/loss of any number of shares of up to 40 stocks in a portfolio along with the total portfolio value and daily gain/loss. Store up to 8 different stock portfolios. Use a proxy stock or ETF to track the daily gain/loss for funds that do not trade during the day (e.g. use SPY to track FSMVX so you see today's gain not yesterday's loss). Each stock, and the total portfolio, can be displayed in a color shade corresponding to the percentage daily gain/loss from bright green through black to bright red.

- up to 8 portfolios
- each portfolio contains any number of shares of up to 40 different stocks or cash accounts
- displays the value and daily gain/loss of each stock and the total portfolio
- real-time quotes free for one month then available through a low cost IAP subscription; (Previous Closing prices provided if no subscription)
- color-coded display from bright green through dark green and dark red to bright red
_ one touch access on the Apple Watch through a "$" complication
- proxy stocks can be used to track intra-day gain/loss for assets that do not trade during the day
- email current portfolios for record keeping purposes
- wirelessly transfer portfolios to other devices running Watch My Stocks
- portfolios shared among all user's devices through iCloud

Screenshots for Apple Watch:
a) Glance of a portfolio of Cash/Bonds that uses proxies to track intraday gain/loss
b) scrolling down Cash/Bond portfolio
c) selecting the Stocks 1 portfolio to display
d) Glance of a portfolio of stocks
e) scrolling through the Stocks 1 portfolio. The color shading highlights a large loss for TSLA.

Screenshots for iPhone
1) Portfolio with 5 stocks; color shading 2% exceeded by TSLA; VINEX and FPURX show intraday gain because of proxy.
2) Portfolio with 3 stocks and cash using color shading; the stocks all use a proxy to determine intraday gain/loss; PRHYX, using JNK as a proxy, has exceeded the color shading maximum.
3) 8 possible portfolios; each portfolio can contain 40 stocks
4) Settings page.
5) Selecting a proxy for VINEX.
Peter Kramer