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Watch My Health

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Watch My Health

With Watch My Health select one of your health properties stored in the Health App to view your current daily total on your Apple Watch's watch faces.

Many properties to choose from including:
Active Energy
Walking and Running Distance
Calories Eaten
Flights Climbed
Sleep Hours
Stand Hours
Heart Rate
And Many More...

Don't see a property you want? You have the option to request it right from in the app, just let me know what you would like added.


Your health data is encrypted and as a result cannot be read while your phone is locked and in order to conserve a limited number of updates per the day are sent to the watch face.

Updates are rate limited, your watch face will update as soon as possible when there is new data and your device is unlocked, but your watch face is only guaranteed to be accurate to one hour ago.

The watch face will also manually update when you launch the Watch My Health App on your watch and when you tap on the last updated time at the bottom.
You can also check the glance to see the most accurate total.

By granting Watch My Health access to any data in the Health App and the continued use of Watch My Health you agree that:

You are responsible for your own health. Watch My Health will not provide you with medical advice or diagnose and is not a replacement for any form of medical tracking devices or software. The purpose of Watch My Health is to view data made freely available in the Health App. The information displayed by Watch My Health should be used for recreational purposes only. Information displayed by Watch My Health is not verified or reviewed and is not guaranteed to be accurate, reliable or complete.

The information provided by Watch My Health is not an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. Consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider for any health related questions.

You use Watch My Health at your own risk.
Evan DeVrieze