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Watch Message

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Watch Message

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- Watch Message is a simple BBS for Apple Watch.

~ What features? ~
- Apple Watch independently can send message even if the paired iPhone is dead.
- The message from Apple Watch can also be confirmed on Web browser. *1
- One Apple device can create one host’s key word to access BBS. *2
- By changing key words, you can delete BBS. *3
- The time zone you post message is UTC (coordinated universal time).
- Apple Watch has to connect internet to send and receive message.
- Your friend (Guest) can also see your message on Apple Watch with the other APP. *4

*1 You need to access to the url:
*2 With the key word, your friend (Guest) can see your BBS.
*3 Your friend (Guest) cannot see the old BBS if you change key words.
*4 The other app: Watch Message for Guest has to be installed beforehand.

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Video Instruction;
kobunachou ozawa