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Watch Me Eat

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Watch Me Eat

There is proven scientific evidence that if you pace your eating during meals and eat slower it will reduce the amount you require to feel full and in this way help you lose weight without feeling hungry. This application is available as an iPhone/iPod app or as an Apple Watch app. Simply create a desired duration of the meal and the seconds between each bite and the app will notify you when to take the next bite with a subtle sound. You can choose from a variety of sounds including a random selection of dinner table related sounds such as glass clinks or fork on plate. Each notification is accompanied with an optional vibration so you could simply keep the phone in your pocket and out of the way and still use the app. This way your dinner companions are not distracted but you know when to take the next bite.

If you own an Apple Watch the interaction is even easier. You simply use the Apple Watch to start a session and the watch will give you subtle vibration feedback on your wrist for each bite to eat without having to take out your phone.

For best results try to eat a small bite every 30-40 seconds. Don't worry if you miss a cycle, simply wait for the next vibration or sound to take your next bite and enjoy your meal. Try to make your meals last about 15-20 minutes.

Here are some additional tips on how to use the app:

+ Reduce the portion you eat but still eat it in approximately 15-20 minutes.
+ Set the portion size and don't go back for seconds.
+ Leave a couple of good size bites at the end to help end the meal session.
+ Use for snacks as well. Reduce time to about 10 minutes.
+ Brush your teeth soon after you eat. It is a good way of telling your body that the meal is over.
+ Use the app for all meals small or large. If you are not monitoring your pace you'll be surprised how easy it is to fall back into eating faster which will lead to overeating.
+ You can configure the application to play a sound or just vibrate or both.
+ You have the option of using many different sounds for each bite or select from a random set of typical dinner table sounds.
Saviz Artang