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The Wearable Smart Watch App "MAWQIFI WATCH" is the official Smart Watch App for Municipality & Planning Department - Ajman to reserve parking in the city of Ajman using smart services, which has been designed and implemented under the supervision of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman, which considered as one of the great initiatives of Ajman vision 2021, in the transition to the smart government and support the life style and easy life for citizens and residents Ajman City.
The Smart Watch App "MAWQIFI WATCH " contains the following services and smart features:

• Smart service to reserve parking.
• Integrate and Synchronize the customers vehicles registered at the Main Mobile App "MAWQIFI"
• Integrate and Synchronize the "Time Wallet" from the Main Mobile App "MAWQIFI" where "Time Wallet" is a New innovative service to allow the citizens to purchase parking minutes in advance in the Main Mobile App "MAWQIFI", so he/ she can avail the same later on via the Main Mobile App "MOWQIFI" and "MAWQIF WATCH" App by booking parking tickets ( short term) in all paid parking zones in Ajman emirate.
• Book parking ticket starting from 30 minutes.
• Book parking ticket using Voice Command (Support Watch os 2.1 for arabic Speech) .
• Smart Notifications and reminders expiration time of booking ticket with Extending Feature.
Ajman Municipality and Planning Department