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Watch Hacker

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Watch Hacker

You are THE ONE. You have been selected to prevent an imminent threat. Are you up for the challenge?

Sharpen your finger and play through 20 intense hacker-themed levels of frenzy-like reflex and simon memory games on your new Apple Watch.

* Blaze your way through speed-tapping gameplay and simon-like memory challenges
* Adventure into Story Mode with over 20 levels
* Dive deep into Arcade Mode for quick games and endless replay value

Visit for the DEMO video and screens!

Note: You must have an Apple Watch to play this game.

Watch Hacker is one of the first games on the new Apple Watch and is picking up momentum as one of the most unique and fun experiences on the watch. The game features fast-paced reflex and memory challenges which put the player into the shoes of a computer hacker trying to save the world from an imminent threat. The game is graphically rich and features speed-tapping gameplay and simon-like memory challenges and delivers a compelling Story Mode with over 20 levels and an Arcade Mode for endless replay value. “Compete against your friends and yourself in a Matrix-like universe on your new Apple Watch,” says Tyger White the inventor of the game who developed the app with several other independent game developers in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
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