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Watch Faces Complications

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Watch Faces Complications

Timely is an Apple Watch app, which helps you to customize your default Apple Watch Faces:
◆ Unique custom designs
◆ Key health indicators in different ways
◆ Weather forecast in a Brand New way



◆ Unlock Apple Watch potential with custom watch faces designs
◆ Stand out with unique indicators on your wrist
◆ Easily change watch faces for any need: weather forecast for walking, activity tracker while running, custom calendar for a business meeting, etc.
◆ Adjust your watch face view

The easy-to-use interface makes it super simple to get the proper watch face you like now.


◆ Calendar Complications
Quickly view your current date in the watch face
Support all the Apple Watch face models so you don’t worry if it’s compatible with your favorite device.

◆ Date Countdown Complications

Get instant information of the day count till the important event! Christmas Countdown, Birthday Countdown, Trip Countdown, even Death Countdown - stay on top of any events in your life!

◆ Weather Complication
Quickly view your current temperature, conditions, wind speed, humidity, and other indicators at a glance
Get the weather forecast of upcoming days in beautiful designs
Compatible with all the Apple Watch models.

◆ Health Complication
Track your daily activity and get the prompt view on your Apple Watch
Get the steps per day information with the progress goal achievement, calories burned, and other activity indicators
NOTICE: The app may use your Health Data to display steps, heart rate, energy, and other data on the Watch Faces you add to your Apple Watch. We don't sell or transfer your data to 3rd party. Your data is safe.
Timely Widgets integrates the Apple Health App and displays health data in widgets. We do not we do not collect or keep a record of sensitive personal data. If you want to use the activity tracking widgets, please allow the APP to obtain health-related data when adding.

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