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Watch Face Generator

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Watch Face Generator

Your Apple Watch is your most personalized device. You wear it on you with pride and look at it all the time. It should match your personality - and be beautiful. Now, it can be even more personal with the ability to create Photo Watch Faces with photos you like.

Watch Faces can be made from from searching for any Watch Face you can think of from the web, and from your own photos. From there, you can resize it to make it closer and even more perfect.

Start creating Watch Faces for your Apple Watch today!

To set your newly created Watch Face on your Apple Watch:
* On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch App
* Go to Photos, tap Synced Album and select Watch Faces
* On your Watch, add a new Photo Album Watch Face or Photo Watch Face

Our favorite is the Photo Album Watch Face after you create a bunch of faces as it will randomised what you might see. Making it fun and spontaneous!.