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Watch Contacts

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Watch Contacts

Imagine this, when you are watching TV, laying on the couch. Suddenly you see a great commercial or a live interactive show. You need to take the number displayed on your TV down but your iPhone is all over across the room or you just simply don't know where it is. Now you can take it down with Watch Contacts, super easy to use and input quickly. Save it on your Apple Watch and dial it later on your iPhone.

Or maybe you are on a date, meeting or doing fitness...

Yes, I think you get it, taken down the number, call it later, leave your phone in the pocket, be a nicer and more polite person and make the world a better place. LOL

- Support watch face complication, launch it and take it down the number might gone really fast.
- Native watchOS app, lighting fast.
- Simple UI design, straight forward, clean and easy to use.
- Support country area code

More features will be supported in the future, for example like: contacts name match & contact book messaging support.
HAZ™ Inc.