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Watch Browser with Keyboard

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Watch Browser with Keyboard

Watch Browser with Keyboard is a tiny browser with its own customized QWERTY keyboard for your Apple Watch.

It's the #1 browser on your wrist when you don't have any other devices and want to browse the web.
Multiple keyboards supported. Use the standard qwerty keyboard in watchOS if you use Series 7 or 8. But, there is no qwerty keyboard in older models, and there is only a scribble keyboard. But don't be disappointed! This app includes a customized QWERTY keyboard for typing web addresses or search keyboards. The customized QWERTY keyboard supports only English at this moment.

# Features

- Browse with any web address URL.
- Multiple keyboards supported. The standard keyboard of watchOS or the customized QWERTY keyboard.
- Search with your keyword with 20+ search engines. The supported search engines are Google, Microsoft Bing, DuckDuckGo, Amazon, Wikipedia, Baidu, AOL,, Yandex, Brave, Ecosia, Kagi, Reddit, Mojeek, Qwant,, Presearch, Swisscows, GitHub, Naver, Yahoo! Japan, and
- The customized QWERTY keyboard on the watch is included for typing URLs or searching keywords. Or, you can use the standard keyboard if you want.
- Bookmarks are stored on your iCloud account; you can manage them on your watch or iPhone.
- Your browsing history is stored on your iCloud account, and you can manage them on your watch or iPhone.
- You can save a bookmark from history on your watch or iPhone.
- Watch Complications is supported. You can launch this app or your top favorite site with only one tap from your Watch face.
- All configurations are stored on your iCloud account.
- Favicons are displayed on bookmarks and browsing history.
- Support Reload Page, Previous Page, Next Page, Reader mode on watchOS 10 (when tapping the address bar in watchOS).
- Double-tapping the spacebar adds a dot(.) to the text.
- Long pressing with 2+ seconds backspace deletes all text.
- All data are stored only in your device and your iCloud account.

# Limitations

- The browsing experience is limited, and you can have trouble on many complex sites because of the very small screen size and devices' lower power.
- Most login processes do not work because of the limitation.
- The session is not stored. You'll start a new session next time when you close the browsing view once.
- There is no back or forward button, but you can go back or forward by swiping left or right.
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