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◆ Search nearby stores, banks, stations and so on.
◇ Wataridori friends navigate your the destination !
◆ Get a new unique 3D character when you arrive near the destination !
◇ Let's collect all unique 3D characters !

▼ This app navigate the direction of the destination."Wataridori" means bird migration in Japanese.

▼ Apple Watch
- Distance and time to the destination, the current location.
- The destination and the current location on the map.
- Starting navigation by tapping the map.
- Nearby search for the destination.
- Bookmarks support.
- Transport is car and walk.
- Reset of the destination.
* Distance of the main view is the distance of the route. Distance of the search result is the straight line distance from the current location.

▼ Navigation
- Destination of direction, distance, arrival time, time required.
- Selectable distance is route and the straight line.
- Selectable transport is walk and car.
- Notify you when you arrived near the destination.

▼ Wataridori friends
- Fun Wataridori friends, has been waiting for you !
- When you select the nearby notification, you get a new Wataridori friend.
*Apple Watch is excluded.

▼ Widget
- You can check direction and the distance of the destination in this widget.

▼ Searching the destination
- Nearby searching, such as corner shops, cafes, restaurants, etc.
- Selectable searching base point is destination and departure point.
- Selectable searching area.
- You can check distance from the destination and departure point.
* Distance is a straight line distance.
* Rating on Search results is based on Google users reviews.

▼ Other
- Share destination and departure point.
- You can save the destination as a bookmark on iCloud.
- Selectable unit of distance is km (m) / mile (yd).
- Open this app from route direction of the standard map.
- Open GoogleMaps with selecting point.
- Remove Ads By In-App-Purchase.

▼ Notes
* Saving to bookmarks, you need the iCloud account.

* If the route distance does not exist, this app display the straight-line distance. In that case, the time to the destination does not display.

* If the direction is not move, the calibration of the compass has occurred. But the calibration will be eliminated after waiting a few seconds.
Yoshihiko Eto