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Watani Brokerage International

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Watani Brokerage International

Watani International Brokerage

Please contact Watani International Brokerage to activate this application.

NBK Capital's Watani Brokerage offers brokerage services for International Markets including USA, UK, Europe, Japan etc.

With just few clicks from your device, you can access following International Brokerage account features:

Order entry for Equities and Options (US Markets only)
• Order Status
• Account Balances and holdings
• Gain and loss
• Transaction History
• Market information and quotes

Following are the requirements to open International Brokerage Account:

• Bank account with NBK.
• Valid Civil ID or Passport.
• 21 years of age.
• Minimum $25,000 initial transfer.

How to open an account?

• Visit Watani Brokerage Client Relations team for quicker process in Arraya Tower 2, Floor 37, Al-Shuhada Street, Block 6, Sharq, Kuwait
• Through any NBK branch.

Contact us:

• Call 1 801 801
• From outside Kuwait call +965 2224 6903
[email protected]
Watani Brokerage