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by i-enter
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by i-enter
Preventing you from「Forgot to buy something」that frequently happen - a super convenient app is finally here!!

「Aaa!! Wax!!」「I forgot to buy battery!!!」
With Wasuren, that kind of regrettable situation will no longer happen again.
◆Main functions ==================================

【Wasuren can notify you when you’re around your destination】
This app can detect the distance from the coordinates of your current location to the set location and notify you when you’re around that set location.
【Wasuren also can become a convenient shopping list】
There are items that registered on each location so with this app, you can easily to see and make your shopping list for yourself!!

【Wasuren also can register newly built stores】
This app is using Google Map so you can search not only station name and facility Name but also many other things such as newly built convenience store. Any location also can be set!
【Wasuren can notify you by either vibration or alarm】
Wasuren will keep you absolutely can not forget to shopping when you go by your destination not only by alarm sounds but also by its Vibration function!

【You can register items and locations simply with Wasuren】
You can register items and locations by simple operations!! Moreover, it eliminates the need to re-register the same thing over and over again, you can change only the location or only item name easily 

【Easy operation enven on Wasuren Widget (only available for iOS version 8 &higher)】
Wasuren also can be operated via widget on iPhone screen!
You can set up in only one tab!

◆How to use ==================================

1. Set item name on Item register screen.

2. Tap on button「Register from new location」, search the location where you want to be notified and register it.

3. Complete register after setting item and location.

4. After all, you only have to switch on your item you want to set! When you’re somewhere around that set location, the notify function (Alarm sound and vibration) will be active.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
(It will consume so much battery to run GPS continuously in the background.)