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Warmup is a daily workout record service app. You can compete with global users with records

• WarmUp AI (Beta)
- WarmUp AI analyzes your exercise data and provides training schedule and simulation advice.
• Score your swims (use only warmup's watch app)
• Record daily workout
- auto record (steps, swiming, cycling, run)
- drinks water (smart alarm)
- workout list (squat, lunges, bridge, burpee, crunches, mountain_climbers, plank, pushUp ... etc )
- memo
• View previous daily workout
• Make Club or Join Club
- Share your workout post
• Sports Utils
- Pace Timer
- Workout Coach
- Swim Interval Timer
- Camera Timer
• View Average and Total record
• Workout Live Dashboard
- Swimming (when you start swimming workout the Dashboard automatically starts)

Apple Watch
• It is easy to see the daily exercise record, and average record.
• stopwatch (lap time, many people)
• swimming coach
- 25M, 50M swimming pool
- live score (swim & heartRate)
- interval training
- metronome (It vibrates periodically to notify you)
- heart monitor (Alerts when your heart rate exceeds your target heart rate)
- pace maker (Help you reach your target time)
- detect kick swim (beta)

Integrates with the Apple Health app
• WarmUp uses health data for record workout and ranking and coaching