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Wantedly Chat

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Wantedly Chat

Wantedly Chat —Empower your team to communicate and achieve at record speed. For free.

A business chat platform with an intuitive interface and powerful tools, Wantedly Chat enables over 19,000 companies to spend time on what’s important. No more emails, no more lost messages, and fewer meetings.

How your team can achieve more with Wantedly Chat :

● Never lose track of important messages. No matter how long the group chat, you’ll see all messages tagged with your name in one neat page.

● Share any file. Just drag and drop, and view all group files on one page. (Including MS Office, PDF, PSD, AI, Sketch, mp4, and more)

● Get a glimpse of a user’s latest professional activity through their connected Wantedly profile.

● Find exactly what you need. Wantedly Chat ’s powerful search function filters through all messages, files, groups, and members.

● Stay organized. Create a group chat for each team, project, event, or topic.

● Stay flexible. Use Wantedly Chat on mobile (iOS & Android), desktop (Mac & Windows), and on any browser.

● Stay secure. All communication on Wantedly Chat is encrypted by TLS Protocol v1.2 (SSL), preventing third party access. Data is safely stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Sync will not disclose any data, aside from limited circumstances such as when required by law or after receiving user consent.


About Wantedly:

Sync is provided by Wantedly, a professional social network used by more than a million members globally. Wantedly aims to connect jobseekers with inspiring work, and employers with passionate people.


Wantedly Chat is recommended for users familiar with: Slack, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Hangout, LINE, Chatwork, Yammer, Hipchat, etc.
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