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Wampum 1st Wallet

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Wampum 1st Wallet

Spend, send, receive, and save FASTER with bitcoin while retaining full control with our smartphone app. Store your funds locally or on one of our integratable patented card wallets that work hand in hand with our application. These tools are FASTER and SAFER than any other on the Internet.

Included with the app purchase:
1. Tamper proof bitcoin wallet and ledger app
2. Wampum1st express scan for duty free shopping at affiliate Native American shopping center(s)
3. Access to our technical support security team
4. Custodian free app*

Accompanying the app:
1. Polyvinyl card (PVC) to protect your private key; and
2. Leather pouch to cover PVC with fashionable wampum ornament.

*NOTE: Wampum1st is a or non-custodial app provider. This means your information is hosted locally on your phone not on a third party computer where it can be hacked!