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Walker's Link

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Walker's Link

An app experience made by Walker's users.

Walker’s LINK users can change Ambient Volume and Modes same as on your headphones, but they also gain access to LINK, Ambient Mute, and Auto Shutoff features all exclusive to the app. Developed specifically for Walker’s headphones, this app will instantly elevate your experience.


Change ambient volume settings

Link and un-link your ear bud ambient volume.

Mode: (Not supported with Raptor)
Quickly adapt to any environment with four ambient listening modes.
1. Universal
2. Clear Voice
3. High Frequency Boost
4. Power Boost

Auto Shut Off:
Conserve battery life with the Auto Off feature, this feature will automatically power off your headset after a period of inactivity.
1. Off
2. 2 Hours
3. 4 Hours
4. 6 Hours

Ambient Mute:
Allows the user to mute the ambient pass through microphone with one touch.

The Walker's Link currently supports:
Razor XV 3.0
Silencer BT
Silencer BT 2.0
(Only the above devices will work with this APP)
Stealth Cam, LLC