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WalkeeWait™ Features

• Create Itinerary lists, great for planning your day
• See what time the last wait time was posted
• See ride list in alpha-order or by Land
• GPS shows how far you are away
• Includes Watch app with large, easy to see wait times display
• All Wait Times on one screen - Promote happy thumbs!
• Customize ride order - Put your favorites in top
• Built-in Line Timer
• Set ride return text reminders
• See the time of the last post

If you plan on visiting Disneyland®, or if you just want to stay up on what's going on, WalkeeWait is a must have app.

MediaLAB, Inc. is a trusted name in Southern California vacation entertainment scene for 25 years.
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NOTE: iPod Touch users: There is no WIFI in Disneyland. WakeeWait requires a network connection

Walkee® is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Corporation
MediaLAB, Inc.