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"Wake" - a 24-hour portable yoga instructor, to create the perfect body and mind.

Turn on Wake and start a healthy physical and mental journey.

Wake Yoga helps you to improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems, and to achieve physical and mental unity through exercises such as body positioning, respiration and meditation.

Practicing yoga in real life problems encountered:
1 learning too busy, no time to go to yoga hall;
2. General teaching too much emphasis on body style, there is no meditation thinking teaching;
3. Online video is too complicated and scattered, did not form a system and structure.

1. According to your body needs to organize their own training programs;
2. All Syllabus are equipped with video, standard action demonstration and accurate language explanation to take you easier to get started;
3 authoritative yoga master control content, both the scientific body course also focus on spiritual meditation courses.

Core Features:
1. Basic Courses: Rich domestic and foreign teachers team recording live teaching video, explain in detail the textbook-like introductory action;
2 teacher class: 3 new lessons per week, the famous yoga instructor live recording, personally explain the course;
3. Meditation Relaxation: Professional meditation team custom meditation courses, covering the various aspects of the essence of meditation, personal habits, happiness, stress, anxiety, sleep, pain, self-confidence, Zen, etc. from the heart and philosophy of yoga;
4. Exercise Plan: 2 scheduled courses per month, easily and quickly meet the needs of shaping, physiotherapy and other needs
5. Yoga life experience: Xiaoban daily yoga professional content selection, good content do not have to find their own;
6. Find good partners: Interesting yoga community community waiting for you to share the progress and make friends.

Popular courses:
Early morning yoga
Slimming shaping yoga
Stretching yoga
Female physiotherapy yoga
Male strength yoga
Double yoga
Parent-child yoga
Children's yoga
Pregnant yoga
1. The user will be prompted to use the Apple HealthKit function when entering the course details page. If authorized, the practice time will be synchronized with HealthKit's Mind Training.
2. For better experience, support iOS9.0 or later;
3. It is recommended that users open the push notification to receive the broadcast notification. (Not open does not affect the normal broadcast live).

For help or for more information, please follow and contact:
Weibo @ wake
WeChat public number "wake-yoga"
E-mail [email protected]

Wake - Yoga to change life!