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Wake Me Up In

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Wake Me Up In

Don't you hate it when you are half asleep and you go to set your alarm and you have to go through this whole tiresome process of scrolling through the hour you want to set, the minutes, and then AM or PM? The whole process can take up to a couple minutes, and all you want to do is sleep!

With 'Wake Me Up In', you can set exactly how long you want to sleep for and set your alarm in just seconds. Rather than setting what time you want to wake up at, you set how long you want to sleep for. This is perfect for people who love to have naps, or are aiming to get a set number of hours of sleep each night without wanting to do complex math equations for what time they need to wake up at in their head, right before they go to sleep.

You want to sleep for 8 hours? Just turn the dial to 8 hours, press "Set Alarm" and you're done! The alarm will also show you the time you will wake up at automatically. You can set up to 24 hours, and even specify exactly to the minute how long you want to sleep for.

This is a completely free app and we recommend getting the free Apple Watch version as well.

Features include:

■ Choose from more than 10 custom alarm tones
■ Dynamic backgrounds that update according to what it will look like outside when you wake up
■ Specify the exact hour and minutes you want to sleep for in just seconds
■ Set it on your Apple Watch and it will sync instantly with your iPhone
■ Snooze function just like your standard alarm
■ So simple and easy to use!

Download the app today and share it with all your friends who love to sleep!
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