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Beautifully simple waistline tracker. On your wrist. Anytime. Anywhere. iCloud backups. Apple Health sync. Free. Zero Ads. No in-app purchases.

When you're gaining muscle and losing fat your weight might not change much. That's why body composition can tell you more than the scale, it tells you the true story.
According to Intermountain Healthcare, waist circumference matters more than weight.

People who use a tracking app are more likely to reach their goals faster.

• Save waist circumference
• Minimalist style
• Works without a companion iPhone app
• Syncs with Apple Health
• Secure iCloud backups
• Auto calculate changes in size
• Support centimeter and inch units
• 100% free, zero ADs and no in-app purchases

• All watch sizes
• All types of complications
• Display the most recent record
• Show min, max, and current size on the progress bar
• Waist gain or loss difference
• Time since the last recording

Privacy is not something you are merely entitled to, it is an absolute prerequisite. At Martspec, we believe privacy is a fundamental human right. So we build it into our products from the beginning of the design process.
We do not share your data with any 3rd party. We do not use it for advertisement purposes and do not use it for profit. Your data is stored only on your Apple service (Apple Health store and iCloud). We do NOT store your data on our servers.

At Martspec, we're not just about logging numbers, we're about unlocking your potential. Ditch the spreadsheets and time-consuming routines – we let you crush goals, not numbers. Every tap you make is a step towards a stronger, healthier, happier live. Imagine feeling fit, confident, and energized - that's what Martspec aims to make possible.

Think of the info in our app as your fitness coach – pumping you up, but not replacing your trainer’s expert advice. Using it is completely up to you, and comes “as is”, meaning glitches can happen, even though we do our best to avoid them. Our app might not be a magic wand, we can’t promise it’ll be perfect or always spot-on. If you ever find something wonky, just stop using it – that’s all we ask. Sound fair?

Fueled by passion (and maybe a few too many espressos!), we poured our hearts into crafting this app for you, completely free! But hey, unlike those fancy tech giants, our resources are a bit, well, "indie." That's where you come in, awesome human!
If you spot a hiccup or have a genius idea bubbling in your brain, please share it in an App Store review! Your voice is our roadmap to greatness, guiding us towards making this app the champ it's destined to be.
Of course, social media is always open for some fitness chit-chat too. Together, we can conquer workout woes and reach peak awesomeness. High fives all around!
Let's make this app the fitness legend it was born to be!

Martspec LLC