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Waist Size

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Waist Size

When you're gaining muscle and losing fat your weight might not change much. That's why body composition can tell you more than the scale, it tells you the true story.
According to Intermountain Healthcare waist circumference matters more than weight. People who use a tracking app are more likely to reach their goals faster.

- Save waist circumference
- Large text
- Stand-alone watch app
- Syncs with Apple Health
- Auto calculate size change 
- Support centimeter and inch units
- 100% free and no ADs.

Watch Face Complications:
- Support all watch sizes
- Support all types of complications
- Shows last recorded measurement
- 7 days progress. Full bar: today. Empty bar: 7+ days ago

I have been using Apple Health for few years and always wanted an easier way to enter my data from Apple Watch. I wrote a couple of apps for myself and start thinking that someone else might also be interested. So I have decided to share apps with the public. Free of charge and free from advertising. If you have any suggestions on apps please share.
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