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Can’t get enough of pet photos?
Looking for pet social media where you can share your own?

Introducing Waggie, the pet social network. As a place that worships pets, Waggie gives you the tools to share your pet’s adventures and discover others. And when you want to make things even more fun, you can use our unique dog and cat stickers, as well as pet sounds (works with Apple Watch too).

With Waggie owning a pet gets even more fun than it already is.

Waggie gives pet owners a fun platform to share their pet photos and interact with other pet owners. Create a profile for your pet and start sharing your most interesting moments or photos where he/she is just too cute. Waggie enables a great variety of social networking features, including:

◉ Share your pet pictures and follow the pets you love the most.
◉ React to pictures with comments, treats, toys, and love!
◉ Enable/disable a feed where you see only your favorite pets.
◉ Share your pet’s adventures directly from Photos and other apps.
◉ Give unique captions to your posts, and have fun.
◉ Overview of all your shared photos by going to your profile

We know that pet owners love to have their own delicate way of communication with their family and friends. That’s why we created some super adorable animated iMessage stickers. Find Waggie Animated stickers with cats and dogs in iMessage and send them to all your friends without ever leaving your Messages app.

Any pet can behave inappropriately or get bored. So for those moments of behavior and boredom, make use of the fun Waggie sounds. The squeaky, clicker, and whistle can help you take your puppy's mind out of something they shouldn't be doing, allowing them to focus on a fun noise instead.

Try Waggie on Apple Watch. All our original Waggie sounds are available for you to use on your Apple Watch. When using the sounds on your watch, you need to make sure the watch is out of mute manually and not wearing headphones. However, if you use the sounds on your iPhone or iPad, you don't have to worry: the sound will always come out of the speaker. There are also fun complications that let you customize your favorite watch faces.

Now it’s time to bring a new source of entertainment into the adventurous life with your beloved pet.
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We hope you enjoy our dog app, cat app, fish app... whatever your favorite pet is!

Waggie would like to thank everyone who made the app possible: You are PAWESOME!
Waggie LLC