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W100 Alarm

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W100 Alarm

For iPhone
smanos W100 is a dual-mode, Wi-Fi/PSTN friendly alarm system, with very simple wireless setup and no mechanical keys to wear out. Simply plug in a PSTN landline, follow easy Wi-Fi setup steps, and voila, your house is protected. When the system detects acts of intrusion, you will be notified by a phone call and push notification while the built-in loud siren sounds at a formidable volume, keeping your smart home safe and sleek.

The intuitively designed smanos W100 app interface enables you to effortlessly adjust system settings on the go: arm/disarm, home mode, zone/sensor naming, siren volumes and times, and additional sirens. What’s more, HD WiFi camera is integrated in the App, empowering homeowners to take home automation and security matters into their own hands.
Easy control, double safe! 

For Apple Watch
From now on, you can control your smart home not only in the smart-phone but also you can control through your litter company-Apple Watch. You can control the system and you can get the push notification too.

Let security be with you everywhere!